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Posted on 01-11-2016

New Year’s is a traditional time for pause and reflection as we close another chapter in our lives and look forward to a beautifully clean slate. We look at past achievements, accomplishments, goals, and improvements while making resolutions for a better year. Some of us have things we want to forget. Some of us want to do things differently. Some of us look for an opportunity for another chance to get things right. We at Cross Creek are no exception, but with these first few steps into the new year, we can’t help but look back at everything we have done in 2015 and feel… well, very complete. We have accomplished so much to remember 2015 with a fierce pride. We want to carry the high of those triumphs, large and small, with us into 2016 so we can reach greater heights. Now is a great a time as any to share some of our favorite memories of 2015.

            Our community involvement has been the greatest source of accomplishment for us this past year. CCAH was involved in three major events—the MS Walk, Relay for Life, and Barks4Hearts—that not only brought our employees and families together outside of work, we brought our clients, their pets, and our community together for the wonderful causes each event supported. We raised thousands of dollars for each event to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, American Cancer Association, Wags4Tags, the American Heart Association, and the Cumberland County Emergency Relief Fund. Thousands of dollars. I have the appreciation letters I received from some of the organizations we fundraised for pinned up on my corkboard above my computer right now as I type this and I can never look at with without such a strong feeling of pride. It brings a smile to my face knowing that not only CCAH did this, but that we all pulled together and donated our time, our crafts, our money, and our immense love to help those that we are close to and those we don’t even know—I don’t think there are words to describe the feeling. Each event was a monumental moment in 2015 and we want to continue this involvement in the New Year. We cannot wait to share those wonderful memories with you, our family, again.

Speaking of families, 2015 saw our CCAH family grow even bigger! While some of our family has parted ways (gone but not forgotten!), we’ve seen others step in and become great assets to our team.  We gained the knowledgeable and fantastic Dr. Ryan Reid in June of 2015 and his commitment to the clinic has made us all more involved, more educated, and more fun!  We have new veterinary technicians and kennel staff that have contributed love and understanding to every client and patient that comes in through our doors.  We’ve seen our family grow in other ways, too! Dr. Richardson, Kari, and Kiley all welcomed healthy and happy baby girls while one of our former technicians, Danielle, welcomed a bouncing baby boy this year and we couldn’t be more thrilled! It is truly a joy to get to see these precious children with their hard working mothers. To know that we had so many clients share this happiness with us makes CCAH feel even more like home! Those moments were absolutely priceless in 2015!

            Lastly, but not least, comes the makeover of CCAH this past year. We continually dedicate ourselves to the betterment of our clinic, whether that is with products, services to patients and clients, or appearance. We have greatly improved in all of those areas. We have seen the introduction of Bravecto, the three-month flea and tick prevention for dogs, we now offer the Canine Influenza Vaccine, and we saw 2015 as the start of our clinic providing Cold Laser Therapy treatments to our cats and dogs. The biggest change everyone has noticed is the remodeling of our lobby, our pharmacy, laboratory area, and hospital. It took months to plan and we are still making tweaks here and there, but the time spent preparing and executing these wonderful additions was truly a labor of love. Our practice manager and our owners are working tirelessly to make our clinic inviting, comfortable, easy to navigate, and fully functional to provide the best service and care to all of our pets. These changes have made that difference. We’ve heard our clients sharing positive comments about the changes and we are proud of our new improvements. We wish to continue making positive changes in the year to come.

            And so here we are, taking those first few strides into the new year to the roar of cheers and pop of fireworks, we look forward to a new future. Remember your past mistakes with thoughtfulness. Remember the great moments with happiness. Remember those who have gone on with love and welcome new experiences and people with open arms. Reflect on the changes you hope to make in 2016 and make a plan to see those dreams come true. Anything is possible in 2016. Tonight, and every night, celebrate the old and usher in the new.

            Happy New Year, our wonderful CCAH family and friends—we will see you next year! 

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