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2147 Skibo Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28314

Dental Procedures/Extractions

Our dental services include routine teeth cleaning and polishing, tooth extractions, and oral surgery, as well as digital dental radiology services. Your fury family member is subject to the same dental concerns as every member of the family, including gum disease, decayed or broken teeth, foul breath, abscesses, and tooth loss. Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that, when left untreated, leads to inflammation, bleeding, and pain. Added complications can be extremely painful, even life threatening, and may include heart, kidney, and lung disease. Routine dental care is essential to the health of your animal companions.

Each patient receives a thorough oral exam and professional teeth cleaning while under anesthesia. Your pet will have a complete physical exam prior to the procedure, and we may order digital dental X-rays or laboratory test to be certain the patient is healthy.

Patients are monitored for vital signs during and after the procedure, until they are stable, alert, and recovered. Once the patient is asleep, we look for missing or extra teeth, inflammation, any abnormalities, the accumulation of plaque and tarter, periodontal disease, and oral tumors. Once the exam is complete, we remove plaque and calculus from the teeth and under the gums. To smooth out any scratches in the enamel, we polish the teeth with special paste. 

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