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DIY Holiday Gifts for Cats
December 1, 2018

The holidays are just around the corner! As you start picking out gifts for your friends and family members, don’t forget to choose a few gifts for Fluffy. If you are trying to limit spending, or just like being crafty, you can always make Fluffy’s presents. A Fort Bragg, NC vet lists some great homemade holiday gifts for cats below.


There are lots of cute options for beds you can make your furry buddy. Turn a hatbox or a hard-shell suitcase into a cute bed by adding paint or varnish, and then putting soft bedding inside. You can also do this with an end table. If the end table has doors, remove the doors first. You can also upcycle an old sweater into a comfy pet bed. Sew the wrists and bottom together, and then attach the arms to the torso in an O shape. Fill it with pet-safe stuffing, and close up the neck. Voila!

Kitty Tower

Cat towers really are beneficial for kitties. Fluffy likes getting a good vantage point of her kingdom, so the vertical space will please your feline overlord. Your furball will also gain a scratching post, napping spot, and a jungle gym. Get an old stepladder, a metal storage rack, or even a bookshelf. Add some wide planks to make kitty lounging spots, and then use carpet or sisal rope to cover it. Voila!

Pet Tent

Our feline pals really like small spaces, because they feel secure in enclosed areas. You can make a pet tent for Fluffy out of an old tee shirt and a wire hangar in just a few minutes. Look for step-by-step instructions online.

Box Castle

Fluffy’s box obsession is one of her most adorable quirks. Get some cardboard boxes, and make your feline friend her own little palace. For a simple version, just connect a few boxes together and make a ‘door’ between them. Or, go all out and add towers, turrets, and windows.

Cat Grass ‘Lawn’

Plant some wheat grass seeds in an old, clean litterbox or a shallow storage tote. The seeds will take a few weeks to grow, but when they’re done, your kitty will have her own yard to lounge around on. Fluffy can also eat her new digs, if she prefers.

Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Fort Bragg, NC vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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