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This is a boarding agreement between Cross Creek Animal Hospital and the pet owner whose signature appears below (hereinaftercalled “Owner”).

  1. Owner agrees to pay the boarding rate in effect on the date the pet is checked into Cross Creek Animal Hospital. Boarding is charged for each night your pet stays with us.
  2. Owner further agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested and all veterinary costs, if necessary, for the pet during the pet’s stay at Cross Creek Animal Hospital.
  3. To prevent the possibility of a flea infestation, all feline pets will have a Capstar (oral) administered at the time of arrival, at the owner’s expense. This cost is included in the first night of boarding. If any further fleas are noted after this treatment, additional topical flea treatment will be applied as necessary per a doctor.
  4. Full payment is due when services are rendered. Full pre-payment or a deposit may be required for new clients or for holiday boarding.
  5. Owner authorizes and agrees that any medical problem that may develop with their pet will be treated as deemed best by the doctors of Cross Creek Animal Hospital, and the owner will assume full responsibility for the treatment expense involved.
  6. All vaccinations must be current or will be administered at the owner’s expense. Owner must submit proof of current vaccinations prior to dropping off pet for boarding. Owner has been made aware of the Statement of Policies. Bordetella is required every 6 months, and is highly recommended that it be given at least 48 hours prior to dropping your pet off for boarding, if it is due.
  7. Cross Creek Animal Hospital will attempt to contact pet’s owner if medical treatment is required for their pet, but in the event that we are unable to reach the owner, medical treatment will be done in the best interest of the pet’s health and well being.
  8. Any pet on medication will be charged a $3.00 medication fee per day
  9. Cross Creek Animal Hospital’s hours for drop off and pick up are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday: 7am-3pm