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Yubetsy Garcia-AlvarezYubetsy Garcia-Alvarez

Love this place... I've been taking my pets to the same vets office in Jacksonville FL for over 12 years & since I moved to Fayetteville 4 years ago couldn't find a good office I like.

I LOVE bringing them here and they come in excited to see everyone!
Such a great place & everyone is beyond sweet & caring

Dawn CollinsworthDawn Collinsworth

Today was my first time coming to this clinic. Trixie, my 10 year old lab mix, was a bit on the scared side but Dr. Shannon Poole and the techs were all so awesome! Thank you for caring so much about our fur babies!

Leah K. ByrdLeah K. Byrd

Love and expertise combined. Check them out! A+!

Samantha RoelofsSamantha Roelofs

Seriously amazing staff! My puppy goes to daycare here while I'm at work and the staff is second to none. They know every detail about her and always have fun things to tell me when I pick her up. She always comes home worn out so I know she's getting plenty of exercise and care throughout the day. They are so accommodating and reassuring. It is so nice to have piece of mind leaving my sweet pup there. We also use them for veterinary care as well. They have convenient appointment times and were happy to answer all of my questions. They really do go above and beyond and I couldn't be more appreciative!

Kristy Blankenship SartainKristy Blankenship Sartain

I want to thank you all for being so great with our new rescued dog, Reya. She was so scared in the waiting room that she pooped and no one batted an eye. Everyone all around was so kind and patient and took time to explain all options for everything we asked about. And being open on Saturday? BONUS!! They were great about working us in even though we didn’t have an appointment. I cannot recommend this practice enough!!

Lindy D.Lindy D.

The daycare/boarding staff members are PHENOMENAL! They always take extra care of both of my dogs, and tend to each of their individual personality quirks....

Chelseann Farnam McKinneyChelseann Farnam McKinney

Had to put my 16 year old cat Phoebe to sleep after she had a stroke. They were so kind and discreet. I've been there three times and they were all so sweet to my fur-baby. I've been very pleased with my experiences.

Desiree CuattDesiree Cuatt

I've had all my dogs come to you and I wanna say you are some of the most caring loving vet care place I've ever been to.. I recently had to put down a family member and you guys were supportive and made it feel like it was about us and our dog, not about money and I will tressure that forever!!! Thank you

Hope BoyettHope Boyett

I love it! Everybody is so nice and caring! My puppy had parvovirus and on her day off the vet came in to see him!! Couldn't thank them enough for what they do for my dogs :)

Edwardo SotoEdwardo Soto

Is a great place but expensive high cost for check up and testing

Kathy TevepaughKathy Tevepaugh

There's just so much to say about the amazing staff of CCAH! Our puppy has only been a patient with them since June 12 and I already feel like we've known them for years! We've had to spend lots of time talking with them and being there for our pup, and I can't imagine having gone anywhere else! You all rock!! Everyone is so kind and friendly and seems to genuinely care! Keep up the good work!

Bethany HastieBethany Hastie

Took my beautiful Bailey her, she's my baby and just like my tiny humans she is spoiled (I prefer loved alot!!! but most call it what it is... spoiled) so I had a horrible experience at another clinic was told about this clinic from a co-worker... I came in NOT knowing what to expect and nervous BUT right away everyone was loving on my baby and so super friendly brought my boys coloring crayons while she was being seen... HANDS DOWN GREAT EXPERIENCE!!! Now as a new mommy to the Saint Bernard breed and wanting to ensure I am providing the BEST care for her I had LOTS of questions!! The staff and Doc/Vet were so patient and listened to me didn't interrupt me or make me feel dumb/stupid. I kept mixing up the flea, tick heartworm meds as there r so many options they explained all to me let ME pick after they educated me on the options... just am amazed with them and greatful!!! Now a little pricey but u get what u pay for and I'll definately pay more for great service and a healthy baby that I feel as her owner I have been given the proper time and information to make a decision on what I feel is best for my baby rather then a vet just giving me something because that's what they think is best... but they also have a plan that u can pay for with multiple options so u may pick what one best suits you, looking into that more and what option is best for my baby... Thank u Cross Creek we will see soon!!!

Jennifer Hyde ChambersJennifer Hyde Chambers

I've been employed at CCAH since August 2002. I can say first hand that the staff truly loves our patients as if they were our own. Our doctors are simply amazing! Even though I've now finished nursing school, and will soon be seeking a nursing job, my house full of Dalmatians will always be patients at CCAH.

Caroline HackerRockCaroline HackerRock

Thank you for today. You have watched over Mayer since we moved here in 2010. He was our baby. Today we had to make the choice no one ever wants to make and you were there. You were there to hug and cry with us. Dr Poole took time out of her schedule to come and give me a hug to say sorry and that she was sad Mayer had passed. It is hard to say good bye to family; however, the compassion you showed us, first with Keygan, and today with Mayer, makes it a little easier. To know how much you guys cared and that you, too, were saddened. I cannot thank you enough, all of you, for being there for us today. It truly means l a lot.

Tami ElliottTami Elliott

They get you in on time, are friendly, and show they have a love for dogs... good experiences overall.

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