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Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth
July 1, 2018

Did you know that kitties can develop painful dental issues, just like people can? Abscesses, infections, and other dental troubles are just as painful for Fluffy as they are for us! One way to keep your feline pal’s teeth healthy is to brush them. But how do you brush a cat’s teeth without ending up in the emergency room? A Fayetteville, NC vet offers some helpful pointers in this article.


Before getting started, you’ll need to make a trip to the pet store. Human toothpastes and toothbrushes are neither safe nor suitable for kitties, so you’ll want to get your furry friend her own things. When buying cat toothpaste, choose a yummy flavor, like fish or chicken, to make the process more enjoyable for your furball. Pick up a kitty toothbrush and/or finger toothbrushes as well. We also recommend getting some toys and treats while you are there.

Getting Started

The last thing you want to do is pick your cat up and force your finger into her mouth. You’ll need to more or less trick your furball into letting you touch her teeth. Pick a time when your kitty is relaxed and sleepy. If Fluffy likes to snooze on your lap, this is a perfect chance! Pet your cat gently, and get that little motor going. Then, softly rub her cheeks and forehead. When she is used to this, start touching her teeth and lips. Just rub them gently, to get your furball accustomed to the idea. Immediately resume petting your furry buddy, to keep her relaxed. Offering your pet praise and treats will sweeten the deal, and will help her know that she is being pampered, not punished.

Moving On

Once Fluffy has become more or less accustomed to you playing with her teeth and gums, start incorporating kitty toothpaste. You can also begin using a finger toothbrush at this point. Always reward your furball after her tooth cleanings, so she forms a good association with them.


Keep an eye out for signs of dental trouble. Some common ones are bad breath, drooling, swelling, grumpiness, and visible tartar buildup. Fluffy may also take longer eating, or only eat soft foods. Call your vet immediately if you see any of these red flags.

As your local Fayetteville, NC pet clinic, we are happy to offer dentistry services for cats. Please call us anytime!

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