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Have you noticed your canine companion’s telltale “click, click, clicking” across the kitchen floor lately? Has your feline friend taken to shredding the corner of your favorite recliner again? If so, it’s probably time for a nail trim!

At Cross Creek Animal Hospital, we want to be there for all of your pet care needs. That’s why we’re happy to offer nail trimming as part of our comprehensive services. If trimming your pet’s nails has you feeling apprehensive, don’t sweat it. Let our experienced professionals handle this challenging but important task for you! 

Simply mention it when you schedule your pet’s next wellness visit or give us a call to book a quick nail trimming appointment. We’re here to help!

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Areli H.Areli H.

The staff there is so helpful and caring. They treated my puppy so good. They also gave me so many tips and advice on how to handle my puppy. This is my... Read More