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Boarding Hours
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 10am & 3pm – 5pm

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Do you need someone to care for your pet while you’re at work or going out of town? Could your furry friend use a pampering session?

Why not trust the skilled, compassionate team at Cross Creek Animal Hospital? Our full service boarding and daycare includes safe, comfortable accommodations; nutritious, delicious meals; daily exercise and plenty of TLC from our loving staff. Meanwhile, our professional grooming services will have your four-legged friend looking and feeling great!


Our boarding facility can accommodate pets of all sizes, providing a cozy, enjoyable stay. Your loved one will be cared for by a friendly face he or she is already familiar with while you are away.

Boarding guests enjoy several amenities:

  • Individual housing
  • Temperature-controlled
  • Daily exercise
  • Safe, sanitary enclosures
  • Access to fresh water
  • Clean bedding
  • Separate cat/dog areas

We can administer any medication or special care your pet needs.

Boarding Requirements

Pick-up Times
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 9am or 3pm – 5pm 
*All pickups before 9am will not be charged the daily boarding rate, after 9am the boarding rate will be applied.
Drop Off Times
Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday: 7am – 9am or 3pm – 5pm
*Sunday: NO DROP OFF

Please call at least an hour before pickup to allow our team time to make the proper arrangements and have your pet ready for departure. 

If your boarder is not picked up by the scheduled time and we have not heard from you, your pet will be considered an additional overnight board and you will be charged accordingly. 

Habitual offenders may be denied future boarding reservations. These times are set forth, so we have time to place the other guests in bed in preparation for the next day. 

Temperament Test Information

At Cross Creek Animal Hospital’s Boarding facility, we want to ensure that your pet enjoys his or her time with us. To facilitate this, we require temperament testing for any new pet that has not been to our facility before. We absolutely adore seeing all the new faces of our furry friends and are glad that we can take the time to guarantee that we are the best fit for them! 

Please schedule a temperament test with our team, as we do not allow walk-in temperament tests. 

  • A deposit of $20.00 per pet is required at the time of booking. 
  • If you cancel your appointment at least 72 hours in advance, you will receive a 100% refund. 

Non Holiday Deposit

When making a reservation a deposit equivalent to the first day stay will be required. 

Refund Policy

  • If you cancel your appointment at least 72 hours in advance, you will receive a 100% refund. Any cancellations within 72 hours of your pet’s scheduled appointment are non-refundable.
  • Any cancellations within 72 hours of your pet’s scheduled appointment are non-refundable.

Holiday Deposit

A deposit of 50% of the total balance will be required at the time of booking the reservation. 

Holiday Refund Policy

  • We require 72 hours prior to your drop-off day to be notified to cancel your holiday booking. Any cancellations in the 72-hour time frame will be refunded 75% of the total deposit.
  • Cancellations after the 72-hour time frame the deposit will be nonrefundable.
  • You will be responsible for 50% of each day that is amended during the holiday boarding.

Food Packaging/Medications Requests

All food must be placed in a sealed container or bag and be properly labeled. Medications must be properly labeled and marked for the correct animal and dosage. 

What do you do with my pet when it’s too hot or too cold or it’s raining?

When the weather changes, Cross Creek Animal Hospital’s boarding staff watches the weather closely and monitors it all day. During the summer months, we want to ensure that the dogs get all the time they can outside while also ensuring that they are not out too long in the heat. We always make sure they have fresh water at all times with temperature-controlled inside and when they are outdoors, access to shaded areas and pools to cool off in. When it is too cold, we make sure we have plenty of things to keep them warm. They all receive blankets or a bed in our temperature-controlled inside. If they cannot be outside playing, they still get the one-on-one love from the staff here at Cross Creek. Rest assured that your pet is getting the most love even on the coldest or rainiest of days! 

Traveling can be stressful enough without worrying about how your best friend is doing in your absence. The boarding services at Cross Creek Animal Hospital will provide the peace of mind you need to enjoy your time away.


Is your furry friend stressed out from being left at home alone all day? Bored enough to eat the sofa or your favorite pair of expensive shoes?  

Don’t keep them cooped up inside the house, or locked in a crate for hours on end. Bring them to Cross Creek Animal Hospital, where they can learn and play to their heart’s content! Our doggie daycare program offers a great way to give your best friend exercise, mental stimulation and safe socialization.

Our climate controlled facility is equipped to provide for all of your four-legged friend’s needs, with ample space to romp, play and explore. If your four-legged friend isn’t enrolled with us, they’re missing out!

There are a number of benefits to doggie daycare, including:

  • Alleviates boredom, separation anxiety and destructive behavior at home
  • Improves socialization skills, both with dogs as well as people
  • Provides regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight
  • Enhances quality of life

Our daycare participants are separated by size, temperament and activity level, allowing your canine to fit in perfectly with his or her group. Our staff is always present to supervise the guests and to facilitate healthy interaction. And don’t worry about attention and TLC – there’s more than enough of that to go around!

Rules and Regulations for Doggie Daycare

Daycare Hours: Monday-Friday 7am to 6pm. If you do not pick up by 6pm, your pet will be required to stay overnight and you will be charged the boarding rate instead of daycare. We are unable to extend the pickup time past 6pm. 

Daycare is closed on Saturday and Sunday. If your pet is not picked up by the pickup time and we have not heard from you, he or she will become an overnight board and you will be charged accordingly. 

  • Full day boarding charge and the extension fee of $25.00 for current campers. 
  • Daycare charge will become a full day boarding charge and the late charge will be added. You will have until 11am the next morning to pick up.

Habitual offenders will lose their spot in our daycare program. These times are set forth so we have time to place the other guests in bed and get everything ready for the next day. 

Please make sure you are on time for your pickups so we can ensure that your pet’s belongings will be ready and your charges correctly placed in for your departure on that day. When pickups are late, we assume they are not being picked up and we unpack and get them ready for the night. 

Please call at least an hour beforehand so that we can make the proper arrangements and have your pet ready for departure. 

During summer months and holidays, we may close daycare on certain days due to our busy weekends with our boarding guests. We will be unable to accommodate your pet on these days. Notices will be posted well in advance.

In the event of inclement weather, your pet will remain inside the building, and not outside in the play yards. We will try to send your pet home as clean as possible, but keep in mind; they do play outside for the majority of the day. If your pooch comes home a little dirty, it just means he or she had an especially fun day!

Temperament: Your pet will be temperament tested and evaluated by the boarding staff during the first several days of attending daycare. Remember that your pet may behave differently when you are not present. If your pet reacts positively, he/she may be eligible to be involved in a play group, but please understand that, for the safety of our staff and other daycare participants, this is not a guarantee. We will try our best to find the right playmate for your dog, but it is not always possible in all cases. 

Owner understands that by allowing your pet to enter a play group, there is a possibility for injury. All play groups are closely monitored by our staff at all times, however accidents may occur. Owner will not hold Cross Creek Animal Hospital liable for any injuries, and will be responsible for any medical treatment that may be necessary for your pet, due to play group activities. 

Spay/Neuter Policy: Doggie daycare activities often involve multiple furry friends playing together. For this reason, we require that your pet be spayed or neutered before entering a play group. Your pet is still eligible for doggie daycare if he or she is not spayed or neutered, however, they will not be able to participate in a play group. 

Vaccine Policy: All pets attending doggie daycare must be up to date on their vaccines and we must maintain a current, physical copy of vaccine history at all times. The vaccines required include Rabies, Distemper/Parvo/Lepto, Canine Influenza Virus, and Bordetella (every 6 months). Your pet must have completed the series of booster vaccines for Distemper/Parvo/Lepto, Canine Influenza and Bordetella prior to attending doggie daycare.

Medical History: It is the owner’s responsibility to keep the boarding staff informed about any past and/or current medical history, including allergies. 

Food/Medication Requests: All food must be placed in a sealed container or bag and be properly labeled. Medications must be properly labeled and marked for the correct animal and dosage. 

Effective May 1st, 2022, any medications given at daycare will be charged a $5.00 fee per day. 

Don’t make your pooch muddle through another lonely day at home. Contact Cross Creek Animal Hospital to enroll your pet today!


Proper grooming is essential to keeping your companion happy and healthy. Regular grooming also lets us evaluate the health of your pet’s skin, making it possible to spot and address potential problems. Cross Creek Animal Hospital offers grooming services for all sizes and breeds of dogs and cats.

Our grooming salon will provide your dog or cat with some healthy pampering. We recognize that grooming is important to your loved one’s overall wellbeing, so we take it very seriously. We also believe it should be fun! Our salon has the latest products to ensure that your pet leaves looking and feeling his or her very best.

Call Cross Creek Animal Hospital today to schedule your pet’s next boarding or grooming appointment.

Daycare Registration Form

Bath Packages

Boarding/Grooming/Daycare Appointment Cancellations

Appointment cancellation fee is $50.00

When you book your appointment, you are holding a space on our calendar that is no longer available to our other clients. In order to be respectful of your fellow pet parents, please call us as soon as you know you will not be able to make your appointment.

If cancellation is necessary, we require that you call at least 7 (seven) days in advance. Appointments are in high demand, and your advanced notice will allow another pet access to that appointment time. 

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call us at (910) 7588445 between the hours of 7am – 6pm Monday – Friday and/or 7am – 10am or 3pm – 5pm on Saturday & Sunday. 

If necessary, you may leave a detailed voicemail message. We will return your call as soon as possible. 

Late Cancellations/No-Shows – A cancellation is considered late when the appointment is canceled less than 7 days from your booked appointment. If booked in less than 7 days out, 24 hours before the appointed time is required. 

A no-show is when a patient misses an appointment without canceling. In either case, we will charge the client a $50 missed appointment/late cancellation fee. 

Boarding Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7am – 10am & 3pm – 5pm

Our Services

Working Hours

Monday – Friday: 7am – 6pm
Saturday: 7am – 3 pm
Sunday: Closed

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