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Keep your pet vaccinated against Leptospirosis
September 28, 2018

IMPORTANCE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PETS – keep your pet vaccinated against LEPTOSPIROSIS, which can lead to kidney disease in both dogs and people.

Previous veterinary research shows a high increase in incidence of LEPTOSPIROSIS after a hurricane or heavy rainfall.

Leptospirosis is a disease that our pets can acquire when they come into contact with the organism, which is shed from wildlife and can be found in water, soil, and food. When a hurricane or heavy rain occur, the organism gets spread widely throughout the environment. This makes it much easier for animals to come into contact with the disease. Leptospirosis can survive for months in the environment.

This disease if acquired can lead to acute kidney disease and failure as well as liver disease. Making this disease even more important to recognize is that it can be transmitted to people. The CDC states that 1/3 of the cases in people were transmitted from infected dogs.

WHAT CAN WE DO ? This is a disease that can be vaccinated against! The vaccination is often included with your pets’ yearly vaccinations, however in areas of low prevalence or if your pet is low risk to acquire this disease, it is not always given. Please contact your veterinarian to find out if your pet is current on this vaccination. If your pet does not have a current vaccination against this, we can get them updated. They will need a 3-week booster if they have never received this vaccine or it is more than 18 months out of date.

Contact our health care team today to get your pet protected! 910-868-1164

For more information on leptospirosis:
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