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Creating a Catio
May 1, 2020

Do you keep your feline friend indoors? If so, that’s great! Fluffy is much safer staying in, where she isn’t exposed to the threats posed by cars, weather, and other hazards. However, your pet can still enjoy a taste of the Great Outdoors. Why not make her a catio? A Fort Bragg, NC vet offers a few tips on how to do that below.

Choosing A Spot

There’s no right or wrong spot for a catio. An enclosed porch or patio is of course purrfect, but you can also use a sunroom, spare room, or even a sunny corner. Just make sure that it gets enough sunlight, and won’t get too hot or too cold.


Once you have the spot picked out, you’ll want to add some plants. You can keep it simple, and just get a few, or go all-out and make yourself a garden escape. The main thing is to stick with pet-safe plants. Boston ferns, Areca palms, Prayer plants, and Spider plants are all good options, but there are many more. Check the ASPCA site here for suggestions.

Kitty Furniture

Next, you’ll want to add a few pieces of pet furniture. Cat towers are great. These pieces serve several ‘purrposes’ in one, providing kitties with manicure stations, jungle gyms, napping spots, and, of course, lookout points. Fluffy will also appreciate pet tents or tipis, catwalks, and some soft beds. For extra purrs, add some paper grocery bags and cardboard boxes, which are both kitty favorites. Add some things for yourself as well. This may become your favorite hangout area!

Live Entertainment

Want to really please your feline overlord? Put a birdfeeder up in Fluffy’s line of sight. Your furry pal may spend hours just relaxing and spying on local wildlife!

Purr Starters

Once you have the basics in place, you’ll want to add some things to make your catio into a kitty luxury haven. Many of our feline pals prefer to drink running water, so a pet fountain is a good option. Your furball may also enjoy some more modern luxuries, such as an automated laser pointer or robotic mouse. You can even set up a TV screen or tablet, and stream shows for Fluffy to watch. Many cats actually enjoy watching reality TV shows about mice!

Please contact us, your local Fort Bragg, NC vet clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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