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Tips for Eco-Friendly Pet Care
September 15, 2020

It’s more clear now than ever that making the earth a sustainable place to live, both for us and for future generations, is an important concept that we can’t ignore. Many industries are going eco-friendly, and the pet care sector is no exception. So, how can you care for your pet in an eco-friendly way? Learn more here from a Fayetteville, NC veterinarian. 

Purchase Sustainable Pet Products

Make as big a difference as you can when it comes to your pet’s environmental footprint by purchasing sustainable pet products. There are biodegradable poop bags, eco-conscious pet cleaning products and stain removers, toys made from recycled materials or even hemp, and much more. Browse the selection at your local pet supply store or do some searching online to find sustainable products that suit your needs. 

Consider Eco-Friendly Food

You can find dog or cat foods that come in biodegradable packaging, and various pet food companies are committed to lowering their business’s carbon footprints and creating environmentally friendly products. Even the food itself can be better for the earth—consider finding pet food that contains a higher level of plant-based ingredients, rather than animal-based ingredients. Food made with animal products is more harmful to the environment, so choosing plant-based pet food is a way of offsetting that. 

Try DIY Solutions

Have you ever considered going the DIY route? It’s a good way to be environmentally friendly, and it saves you a little money, too. Try making your own dog toys, or cooking your own dog food (ask your vet for help with this one to make sure you’re providing your pet with the proper nutrition). You can turn old pillows or couch cushions into dog beds, or make a litter box out of a leftover plastic container. 

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Did you know that adopting your pet from an animal shelter is, in and of itself, a sustainable choice? The breeding cycle is very unsustainable, but adoption is eco-friendly. Adopting a pet means that you’re freeing up space and resources in the shelter, like food, medicine, energy, and more. Not only are you rescuing a pet and saving their life, you’re giving that same option to the next pet in line. That’s a sustainable cycle that you can feel good about!

Want more advice on eco-friendly foods or toys? Need to set up a veterinary appointment? Call your Fayetteville, NC vet clinic right away.

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