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Celebrating Cat Lovers Month
December 1, 2021

Did you know that December is National Cat Lovers’ Month? Of course, we’re pretty smitten with our feline pals, so we think every month should be Cat Lovers Month. However, this is a purrfect chance to show your kitty and her pals some extra TLC. A Fayetteville, NC vet offers some tips on how to celebrate below.


It probably isn’t much of a shock to find toys at the top of FLuffy’s wish list. Kitties all have their own personalities, but they are pretty much unanimous in their love of catnip mice and fuzzy feather toys. You may also want to give your frisky furball some of her gifts early. This might help draw her interest away from the tree.

Kitty Holiday Setup

Do you always have a hard time keeping your frisky furball out of the tree? Offer Fluffy her own tree by decorating a cat tower. Sprinkle catnip on it, and add some fun toys. You can also gift-wrap an empty box for your cat, leaving just one side open for your furry buddy to get in and out of. Another option is to get a cute seasonal throw for your kitty’s bed.


We never get tired of seeing cute pictures of our feline patients. Fluffy is always photogenic, but she manages to look extra adorable when she’s sitting before a pretty tree or holiday setup. Try to choose a background that contrasts with your furry buddy’s coat. You can also try downloading a pet camera app.

These have built-in settings that can be very helpful for taking photos of our animal companions. Some also have sound effects that can catch Fluffy’s attention.

Helping Kitties In Need

While pampering your furry friend is great, it’s also a great time to recognize all of the homeless pets out there who don’t have humans to love them and spoil them. Consider doing something to help support the charities and shelters that care for these unfortunate felines. Donations of money or supplies are always great. If you want to do a little more, you can also look into volunteering or even fostering. Ready to go all-out? Adopting a kitty would be the purrfect option. Of course, this is a huge commitment, so it’s something to think carefully about.

Happy Holidays from Cross Creek, your Fayetteville, NC pet clinic. Please feel free to contact us anytime!

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