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Teaching Your Cat Good Scratching Habits
January 15, 2022
Have you just adopted a cat? If so, you’ve got a pretty adorable little pet. Our feline buddies are cute, cuddly, lovable, and highly entertaining. These things all help make up for the fact that they have razor-sharp claws, and very few qualms about using them! A Fayetteville, NC vet offers some advice on teaching Fluffy good scratching petiquette in this article.

Offer Peticure Stations

First things first: Fluffy will need a good scratching post or board. A cat tower is of course the gold standard here. Your furball will also gain a napping spot, a vantage point, a jungle gym, and a spot where she can always escape Fido. Scratching boards or posts will also work. Choose something that is tall enough to allow your furry little diva to stretch as she is doing her nails.

Start Young

If your new furball is still a kitten, you’re ahead of the curve. It’s much easier to instill good manners in baby cats than it is to try and break bad habits in adult ones!

Don’t Punish The Furball

Sooner or later, you’ll probably find your kitty scratching something she shouldn’t. That’s more or less purr for the course! You shouldn’t punish Fluffy, though. She’s only following her natural instincts. Punishing her will not only not work, it may frighten and confuse her, which could lead to further behavioral issues.

Just Say No

So what do you do when you catch your furry pal misbehaving? Tell her ‘No’ in a firm, disapproving tone. You can also squirt her with water or make a loud noise. If you do this every time Fluffy scratches inappropriately, she’ll probably catch on before too long.

Sweeten The Deal

Bribery can be a very effective way of getting our feline friends to rethink bad behaviors. Put toys and catnip around Fluffy’s nail-care station. When you find her using it, reward her with attention, compliments, and perhaps a special treat.

Discourage Rough Play

Your furniture and carpets may not be the only things your furball tries to practice her scratching skills on. If your kitty tries to use you as a cat toy, nip that bad habit in the bud! Tell Fluffy to play nice, and then ignore her until she’s ready to behave. Is your feline pal due for an appointment? Contact us, your local Fayetteville, NC animal clinic, today!
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