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Choosing Fido’s Holiday Gifts

Season’s Greetings! With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to spread the cheer to

Holiday Dog Treats

Do you enjoy cooking? You may want to try your hand at making some holiday

Thanksgiving With Fido

Thanksgiving is next week! Many people are already preparing for the autumn holiday. It’s always

Caring For Your Dog’s Paws

Fido’s cute pawprints have become his unofficial sigil: we see paw prints on all sorts

And Meow, A Word About Munchkin Cats

Did you know that there are more than 40 breeds of cats? The exact number

Anxiety In Cats

Cats are very complex and interesting little furballs. While it may be easy to crack

Doggy Dental Care

Did you know that your canine pal is susceptible to many of the same dental

Celebrating Stubby: America’s First Service Dog

September is National Service Dog Month, a time to honor the pups that go above

Your First Kitten

Are you planning to adopt a kitten soon? Congratulations! Little Fluffy will definitely bring lots
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