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Curious Kitties
January 15, 2023

January 22nd is Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! This cute holiday is actually an unofficial homage to Fluffy’s natural curiosity. As anyone who has ever had a kitty knows, our feline pals are extremely inquisitive, if not downright nosy. A Fort Bragg, NC vet discusses kitty curiosity in this article.

Built-In Feature

Fluffy’s natural curiosity is very much tied into her survival instincts. In the wild, cats can be both predator and prey, so they need to be aware of everything that’s going on around them. That entails both wanting to check that empty grocery bag to see if there’s a mouse hiding inside and wondering if that cabinet would be a good place for a nap. This also comes into play with kitty physiology: cats’ whiskers help them monitor their environments, and also are helpful in gauging whether they can fit into things. Kitties even stay curious when they’re napping: most of the time, Fluffy is just dozing, and is still (somewhat) paying attention to what’s happening around her.

Keeping Kitty Content

Understanding cats’ curiosity and working with it can help you keep your furry buddy happy and content. Offer Fluffy things to investigate and explore. Boxes, of course, are a kitty favorite. Your furball may also enjoy inspecting things like newspaper tunnels, pet condos, and, of course, suitcases.


All of our feline buddies are curious, to some extent. However, some breeds are known for being particularly nosy. Some of these include the Sphynx, Bengal, and Cornish Rex. These are all very intelligent and active breeds. 


Does your furry pal sometimes follow you from room to room? This behavior is also tied in to Fluffy’s natural curiosity, though in a different way. Cats get very attached to their humans. Your faithful pet will always want to know where you are and what you’re doing! 

Fluffy’s Questions

What do you think your furry bff would be most curious about? We suspect that Fluffy would be curious about squirrels, sunbeams, robotics, or quantum physics. Your kitty may also want to know why she isn’t allowed out, or why you insist on moving her off your computer. We also wouldn’t be surprised to find that our feline patients have lots of questions about their exams and appointments! 

What about your questions? If there’s anything we can help you with, contact us, your Fort Bragg, NC veterinary clinic, today!