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Bonding With Your Cat
February 1, 2023

February is National Cat Health Month! We often talk about Fluffy’s physical health, but her emotional and mental well-being is also very important. One thing that is very important in that area is making sure that your kitty feels safe and loved. Your friendship with your feline pal will develop and grow stronger over time, but it’s also important to start things out on the right paw. A Fort Bragg, NC vet offers some tips on winning your furball’s heart below.


First things first: make sure that your little buddy feels comfy and safe in her new domain. Provide good food, proper veterinary care, and clean litter. You don’t have to take out a loan buying cat furniture, but you should provide a comfy bed and either a cat tower or a good scratching post. Fluffy will also appreciate kitty luxuries, such as toys, catnip, and window seats. (A catio is optional, but will not go unappreciated.)

Don’t Force Attention

One of the biggest rules of dealing with Fluffy is to never hold her or pick her up against her will, unless of course you have to. You want to win your furry buddy’s trust, and the only way to do that is to make sure that she knows that she can decide when cuddle time starts and stops. Try holding out a toy or treat and calling her.

Take Time To Play

Playing can go a long way towards getting that little motor going. When you take time to hold a laser pointer for Fluffy, she’ll know you’re doing something just for her. Plus, this will give your kitty a way to work off any angst she feels.

Talk To Fluffy

We may never know quite how much of our language Fluffy understands, though it’s probably safe to say she understands ‘Get out of there’ purrfectly well. That said, it’s still important to talk to your furry buddy. Kitties can discern a lot from the tone of our voices when we talk to them. (In case you were wondering, yes, cats do seem to like baby talk, perhaps because of the friendly, comforting tones.) Strike up a conversation with your feline friend! Even if she doesn’t meow back, she’ll likely respond in some way.

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