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Thanksgiving With Fido

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many people are starting to make plans for the…
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Keep your pet vaccinated against Leptospirosis

IMPORTANCE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR PETS – keep your pet vaccinated against LEPTOSPIROSIS, which can lead to…
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Keep your pet on heartworm prevention

IMPORTANT NEWS FOR YOUR PETS – keep your pet on heartworm prevention every 30 days!…
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5 Tips for Helping Your Pet Live Longer

We all love our four-legged companions as much as any other member of the family.…
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Should I Have My Pet Microchipped?

You may have heard of microchips for pets—they’re great for keeping your animal companion properly…
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Dangerous Pet Toxins You Might Already Have at Home

That’s right—you might already have one or more of these hazardous pet toxins in your…
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Summer Care for Fido

Summer is a great time of year for Man’s Best Friend. Fido gets to run…
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Brushing Your Cat’s Teeth

Did you know that kitties can develop painful dental issues, just like people can? Abscesses,…
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Frozen Treats for Fido

Summer is here, and the weather is heating up. When temperatures rise, many of us…
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