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7 Things to Consider Before Adopting an Exotic Cat

Have you alwa ys dreamed of having an exotic cat, such as a lion or

Meet the Golden Retriever

Did you know that Golden Retriever Day is coming up February 3rd? The Golden Retriever

Things We Have Recently Learned About Cats

Our feline pals have a reputation for being both mysterious and quirky. Unsurprisingly, scientists have

Start the Year Off Right With Pest Control

It’s a brand new year! That makes this the perfect time to vow to make

DIY Things Your Kids Can Make for Fido

As the holidays approach, many people are busy picking out gifts for their loved ones.

Is Your Cat Licking Herself Too Much?

If you own a cat, (or are owned by one) you’ll notice that Fluffy licks

Does Your Cat Have a Cold?

Did you know that our feline family members can get their own version of the

Dog Training Mistakes

Training is really what makes the difference between your canine companion being a ‘good dog’

Tips for Eco-Friendly Pet Care

It’s more clear now than ever that making the earth a sustainable place to live,
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