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Why Your Cat Might Be Avoiding the Litter Box

If you own a cat, you know they can be pretty opinionated. One of the

Smart Ways to Save Cash on Pet Care

Wouldn’t you like to save a little money here and there? Most people would, but

Understanding Fluffy's Hairballs

You’ve probably seen your feline friend cough up a hairball during her day. It’s part

Senior Dog Care

Is your pooch starting to go grey around the muzzle? Is Fido becoming more interested

Summer Care for Cats

As summer approaches, you may find your feline friend spending quite a bit of time

Take Your Cattitude to Work

June 22 nd is Take Your Cat to Work Day. Of course, lots of people

Keeping Fido’s Teeth Healthy

Did you know that dental issues are a huge problem with our canine pals? Fido

Barbecue Safety for Dogs

With summer just around the corner, many people are anticipating cooking out with their families

Creating a Catio

Do you keep your feline friend indoors? If so, that’s great! Fluffy is much safer
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